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Just because you got a dog, doesn't necessarily mean that you want to become a professional dog trainer. BUT, you realize your pup needs something...and everything you've tried hasn't worked. It's frustrating when something you love so much can drive you so bonkers. This is exactly where we can help!

Bark! Bark! BackYard's training does the ‘heavy lifting’ for you. Using our progressive and structured environment, we take your dog (for the day or longer) and work with him/her to get you the results you want. Shy dogs, overactive dogs, puppies, unsocial, aggressive…we work within each dog’s personality to help them become better behaved. Then, we work with you to maintain the new behavior. Now you have peace in the home and the ability to appreciate all parts of your furry child.​

Good Dog Assessment

Recommended for all training dogs. This full day evaluation provides us insight into the dog's personality so we can guide the owner in a training direction that will be beneficial to both dog and human. Price of the Assessment can be deducted from the cost of any training package, if purchased within 30 days.

Good Dog Assessment Price.................$100


With B&T, Bark! Bark! BackYard takes on the foundational  work and starts the process of transforming your dog’s behavior in a relatively short period of time.  This positive boarding environment helps speed the process by combining structure, consistency and physical/mental exercise. Your dog will be guided by other dogs and people and will learn to be a responsive, well-balanced dog. 

Board & Train is customized to meet you and your dog's needs and goals. Your dog will be immersed in a dog friendly environment surrounded by other dogs, staff and trainers. 


In order to have success, following the B&T program it is crucial for the dog’s owner(s) to understand and follow through with the foundation established by Bark! Bark! BackYard.

Package includes...

  • ​Boarding at our facility (you provide food for the duration of the dog’s stay)*
  • 2-hour coaching session with family on pick-up day. (wear walking shoes)
  • Two (2) follow up full-day trainings (dog comes to Bark! Bark! for a day of training)
  • Two (2) follow up owner coaching sessions after full-day dog training day (allow 1-hour)
  • Take-home lesson plans
  • One (1) Amazing training lead​

5-Day B&T.................$595

10-Day B&T.................$1,150

*[Dog assessment determines recommended timeframe]

DAYCARE & TRAIN: For Puppies Only

Oh Behave! - Puppy Socialization
Great program for puppies (aged 9 to 16 weeks) and their family. This program focuses on socializing your pups to other dogs, people and environment. Early Socialization is a proven way to get ahead of unwanted behaviors. Our innovative structured Daycare environment facilitates your puppy's learning during the day and our one-on-one coaching with you helps you easily become the expert of your dog.

You drop your pup off in the morning and we get to work socializing, exercising and teaching appropriate behaviors.  At the end of the school day, we train you on how to handle your pup and continue what we’ve gotten started. The training package includes…

  • Five (5) full days of training/socialization with your dog at our facility - 2x/week
  • Walking Class with you and family (1.5 hour)
  • Hands on coaching with you and your puppy
  • Take-home lesson plans
  • One (1) Amazing training lead

Oh Behave // 5 visits.................$350

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