+ $3.00/night/dog Thursday-Saturday and Holidays

​$45/night for 1 dog

$84/night for 2 dogs

​$126/night for 3 dogs

​​​​​​All Bark! Bark! BackYard’s guests will enjoy various activities throughout the day: monitored socializing, outdoor walks, treadmilling and glorious nap times! All activities are geared towards the dog’s needs and towards providing a stress-free, predictable environment. Exercise, Structure and Play. Your dog will return home happy and chilled out. ​

No Dog Left Behind!​​

Bark! Bark! is willing to work with any breed and behaviors.

Open to the public:

   Mon-Fri:     7:00am-7:00pm

   Sat/Sun:     8:00am-6:00pm


Prices shown reflect the cash discount rate

​​​​Super Dawg! Service

$20 added to each boarding day - per day / per dog

​$15 added / day / dog if dog has done Training with us

Super Dawg! adds extras that benefit both dog and owners. This is a great daily add-on for the unsocial or shy dog, rambunctious adolescent or elderly dog. One-on-one play, training and walks for your dog.​

For clients who’ve done training with us, your dog receives training touch-up work while they're here. Leash work, Place work, Conditioned Relaxation, Structured play.

Did we mention daily video or photos to you? 

Personalize more of your dog's stay. Win Win for all!

  • Daily photos or videos of dog

  • Daily structured activity with their own Dog Valet 

  • Training skills tune up (prior training clients)

  • 50% off Bath & Blow-dry

​Dog Boarding:

        It's THEIR Vacation Too!

Weekend & Holiday Boarding Prices

Standard Boarding Prices

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Puhi Industrial Park
1544 Haleukana St., #8

Lihue, HI 96766





CHECK-IN HOURS:   Between Opening and 12:00pm

CHECK-OUT TIME:   Before 12:00pm (no charge)*

             *Between 12:00pm-Close:  1/2 Daycare Charge/Dog