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Puhi Industrial Park
1544 Haleukana St., #8

​​​​​Dog Daycare,

Boarding & Training

When you are away...


   Mon-Fri:     7:00am-7:00pm

   Sat/Sun:     8:00am-6:00pm

​​​​Bark! Bark! BackYard is here to provide daycare and boarding and training for Kauai's dogs. Staffed 24/7 -- our indoor facility is a climate-controlled haven against heat or matter the weather, your dog will be comfortable and happily engaged in activities.

ALL dog breeds and energies and ages are welcomed! For one basic price we’ll gladly...

  • Take your dog on a structured (under control) walk.​
  • Exercise your dog on a treadmill - either FAST (calorie burning) or SLOW (mental challenge).
  • Socialize your dog in our indoor playpen.
  • Provide meal-time and nap times!*
  • ​Send you photos or videos of your pup while you're away


*Each dog will have access to one of the large condos (16 sq ft), with elevated beds. Bring food enough for duration of your pup's stay with us in zip-lock bags.


Whether your dog is here for the day or longer, you will have a noticeably calmer pup at the end of his/her stay.